Illustration Projects

Blast Radius - Cover Art

HSG: Blast Radius

Project: Game Art

Categories: 3D   Artistic   Games  

Responsibilities: Art Direction, 3D Illustration, Concept Art

Details: UI, UX and game art concepts created for the Blast Radius mobile game by HSG.

Technical Info: Modo, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Photoshop, Illustrator

Hoya - Lens Technology 1

Hoya: Lens technology

Project: Technical Illustration

Categories: 3D   Technical  

Responsibilities: Art Direction, 3D Illustration

Details: A series of 3D Illustrations created to visualize the Hoya free form lens technology. images were used online and in print.

Technical Info: Cinema 4D, Photoshop

Style - Section 1

Personal: Style

Project: Personal Creative Illustration

Categories: Artistic  

Responsibilities: Illustration, Design, Compositing

Details: This fashion / style based illustration was created for a CD cover.

Technical Info: Painter, Photoshop

The Keeper - Excerpt

Personal: The Keeper

Project: Illustration

Categories: Artistic   Vector  

Responsibilities: Illustration, Design

Details: "Like a moth to the flames those in darkness are drawn to the keepers of the light."

Vision-ease - Technical cutaway illustration

Vision-ease: Medical Diagram

Project: Technical manual cut-away diagram

Categories: Technical  

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Illustration

Details: A cutaway illustration for a technical manual

Technical Info: Photoshop, Illustrator